Despite recent global events that have hindered our ability to explore, it’s important to keep adding dream-like destinations to your travel bucket list. As the world gradually returns to normalcy and countries begin to reopen their borders, now is the perfect time to suggest some of our favorite luxury travel hotspots. Traveling is a worthwhile investment, so on this page are a few suggestions for your next jet-setting adventure.


For generations, the allure of the Italian countryside has captivated celebrities and affluent individuals alike, and it’s not hard to see why.

Immerse yourself in an air of opulence straight out of books and movies while enjoying the privacy and comfort that Lake Como offers. If you seek a relaxing escape playing billiards at the same table Napoleon once did, savoring meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, and cruising the stunning lake, consider Villa Pliniana. This Italian villa, accessible by helicopter or boat, nestles at the foot of a steep mountain, providing an idyllic retreat. Be prepared to invest approximately 20,000 euros per night for this extraordinary experience.


The African continent boasts numerous grand vacation destinations, frequented by European royalty and Hollywood celebrities.

If you desire an opulent experience, consider Micato Safaris, a luxury destination that aims to “completely remove any stress.” Dedicated to meeting every guest’s needs, Micato Safaris requires dietary information to craft customized meals. Beyond exceptional hospitality and a range of activities, Micato Safaris allocates a significant portion of its income to providing cheap education to African children. Isn’t this a cause worth supporting? Prepare to swipe your credit card for an unforgettable journey.


The Ritz-Carlton has long been synonymous with wealth and luxury, and now it’s taking its indulgence to the high seas.

Yes, you heard it right. The esteemed hotel company is now accepting reservations for its luxury cruise ship, which embarked on its maiden voyage in February 2019. Unlike typical cruise ships, the Ritz-Carlton promises an all-encompassing luxury experience. Forbes reports that five out of six suite categories boast walk-in showers and separate tubs. Guests are treated to ten distinct dining experiences curated by Michelin-starred chefs, including Sven Elverfeld of Aqua. If you’re looking to elevate your credit score, this voyage might be the perfect choice.


Calling all millionaires! If you yearn for a luxurious staycation akin to a celebrity’s villa, look no further than Luxury Retreats—a rental agency specializing in lavish homes. Consider it a high-end Airbnb.

Luxury Retreats offers over 5,000 exquisite homes in their portfolio, stretching from the Caribbean to French Polynesia. Unlike a typical Airbnb, renting from Luxury Retreats ensures you won’t have to arrange everything on your own upon arrival. The agency provides personal chefs, security, and even massage therapists—all for the price of one million euros per week! Doesn’t that sound like the epitome of a worthwhile travel investment?

Immerse yourself in these unforgettable luxury travel experiences and let them inspire you to plan your next extraordinary journey. Remember, the true value lies in creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.